Red Pill Anthems – Volume I : 1 – “False Advertisement” | MGTOW

It has been said time and time again in the Manosphere that Red Pills are scattered all throughout music, literature, the arts and all forms of entertainment… but I specifically want to focus on music.
I don’t know too many people who don’t like music.
That being said, we all know how important music is to our lives and how it impacts our moods and our mindsets.
This series will be about songs that are soaked in Red Pill knowledge and will be from all types of genres.

First installment of the “Red Pill Anthems” Series.
Volume I : Song 1.

Hopsin – “False Advertisement” (Official Music Video)

Hopsin voices his disapproval of the way many women post provocative content to social media, and how they fund their lives at the expense of others, typically desperate/lonely men, showing no morals or self-respect.

This was happening even before social media.

His then most-recent ex-girlfriend, Alyce, whom he believes was a gold-digging, hypergamous, whore, inspired this song.

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Outro Song:
Hopsin – “False Advertisement”


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